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Gayle Will Fight to protect our community from  

Sea Level Rise & Flood Damage 

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“My dad’s family moved to the north end of Virginia Beach from Norfolk  in 1933. My dad taught me how to think analytically like an engineer. As a professional harpsichordist, I learned to think creatively. This combination allows me to think outside the box and find new solutions.”


TWo Waves coming to Virginia Beach

There is a real wave that threatens to engulf our homes, our livelihoods, and our way of life unless we address it now. Sea level rise and recurrent flooding threaten the very existence of Virginia Beach. A slow moving category one hurricane could create a storm surge that would flood almost every home.

At the current rate of sea level rise, the resort area will lose so much beach that tourists will stop coming. Military bases might have to move to higher ground. Without tourism and the military, our economy will tank. 

The risk of catastrophic flooding will decrease the value of our homes while increasing insurance premiums.

But another wave, a Wave of Green Technology, can help prevent the flooding and sea level rise from destroying our community and bring more jobs, money, and people to the area. 



about gayle


innovative leader

Gayle created, directed and managed Capriole, an internationally acclaimed baroque music ensemble that was Ensemble in Residence at William and Mary and ODU, 1989-2000. She also created the Colonial Williamsburg Baroque Music Festival. 



experienced builder

Buildings and landscaping provides immediate opportunities to minimize flood damage. Gayle was certified as a Class A Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional, and Certified Green Professional. In 2014 she built the first net zero energy home in Virginia Beach.


Small Business Entrepreneur

In 2010 Gayle founded EcoBuilders of Virginia, a small business that specialized in highly effective energy efficiency retrofits for existing homes.



community activist

In 2016 she led Neighbors for a Safer Beach to create signs clarifying VB laws for dogs on residential beaches and organized Advanced Recall Training classes on the beach. Now she’s organizing the fight to oppose the 100% leash law being proposed by Animal Control and find other options.