Gayle combines creativity and analytical thinking to find new solutions and build consensus among her community.

She has been a musician, a contractor, and a community activist. After graduating from Oberlin, she founded and led Capriole, a baroque music ensemble, which became  internationally acclaimed and was Ensemble in Residence at W&M and ODU from 1989-2000.

Gayle has a vision for a sustainable future, but she doesn’t just “talk the talk”.  She earned certifications as a Class A Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Green Professional. In 2013, she built the first net zero energy home in VA Beach to inspire others to invest in energy efficient building.


As a community activist, Gayle listens to concerns from all sides in order to build a consensus and find meaningful solutions for all parties. Her vibrant personality, sharp intellect, and readiness to serve her community make her one of the inspiring women making a difference in today’s political arena!